Q: Is hemp the same as marijuana?

No. Hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oil, seed and fibre varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug.

Q: Will it make my dog high?


The naturally occurring chemical in hemp associated with a ‘high’ is called THC. Our Hemp Seed Oil contains less than 0.00001% THC and at this low level, even at extreme quantities, there is no ‘high’ to be felt.

Q: Will it get me high?

No. While hemp is a superfood containing many vitamins and essential compounds, it won't get you high.

Q: When was it legalised in Australia? 

Hemp foods including seeds and oil were legalised as a food in Australia in November 2017. Before this, food-grade hemp seed and proteins were marketed for use in body scrubs and as a body oil.

Q: Does Hemp Seed Oil contain any artificial chemicals?
Our Hemp Seed Oil is 100% chemical free, it's also 100% raw organic, plant based, and of course cruelty free.