Minimising our Impact

Every little step we all make to minimise our impact on the planet makes a difference. Our products are crafted with care and rather than contribute to the massive issue of global waste by introducing virgin plastic and other materials into our product packaging, we have chosen to use materials that do something with what’s already here. We strive to use recycled Australian plastic and packaging, combined with compostable packing and shipping solutions. We also keep your carbon footprint dainty by shipping 100% carbon neutral. Every time.

Our commitment

We aim to minimise our impact on the planet using only natural ingredients and limiting waste in the way we produce, bottle and distribute our small batch formulations. An example of this, is our decision to not use lotion pump caps. Although practical in use, pump caps comprise nine separate plastic and metal components, compared to a disc cap, which is made of two. For this reason, our wash and conditioner bottles will always use disc caps.

Keeping it local

We source locally where possible. Our packaging comes from a range of suppliers and where feasible we personally collect components of our packaging from a carbon neutral manufacturer located close to us in the Byron Shire. By striving to source a range of sustainable materials from local suppliers, we are able to further minimise our impact as a small business.

Packaging to close the loop

We know that using recycled packaging, specifically plastic is not a perfect solution. However, finding a new life for these already-made plastic products is a step in the right direction and tackles the fact that once plastic is made, it is here to stay for a very long time.