Q/A with Frank Void

Can you introduce yourself?
Hey Hello I’m Frank Void, Potter. Maker.

Where do you find the inspiration for your craft/designs?
Photography, Product Design, Art, Architecture, Nature. Objects that are considered, like Mother Nature, evolved to their purest and most refined aesthetic point. The journey is a constant search for the elusiveness of interest, warmth and character in a single focus. This constantly inspires and challenges me.

You are passionate about keeping Frank Void handmade, why? and what is it about handmade craft that you love?
An origin story, a connection. Handmade by its very nature is limited. Humble. Art. It demands attention and control, a balance of the tension to stay small and not scale up or outsource, to multi task to have relationships, customers and suppliers, to stand behind your brand. To produce simple functional ware that brings joy.