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Benefits of Using Dog Paw Balms

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Dog paws and their obvious importance

Just as with our own feet, a pup's paws play an essential role in daily life, but are often a part of the body that is overlooked. However, unlike often weirdly shaped human feet, dog paws are without question universally adorable. These cute little paw pads are seriously resilient. Dogs traverse the world, whether rocky road or grassy slope, muddy paddock or a hot concrete path, our four-legged friends do this all essentially barefoot. With that in mind it’s obvious why your pup's paws are so important and why an organic all-natural paw balm should be in your daily care routine.

Hard-working paws serve many important functions. Some not so obvious at first, such as playing a key role in the regulation of body temperature. Sweat glands on the paw pads help to cool the dog in warmer temperatures, while adipose (fat tissue) in the paw maintains heat in cooler temperatures.

As a dog owner, your pup's paws are also an indicator of general health. Key signs to look for are odd smells, irritation, overgrown hair around and between the paw pads and long nails.

When paw balm can help

It is easy to think that dogs' paws are very tough and with little feeling. However, they're actually quite sensitive. Paws see it all…Hot asphalt, prickles, the dog park, mud, gravel and the paw’s arch nemesis; oyster covered rocks at the beach, all of which can cause serious damage to your dog’s paws. The occasional nibble of the paw is no reason for concern. However, any above average chewing or licking of the paws is a strong indicator that something is agitating your dog’s paw and it is time to investigate.

If the paw looks to be inflamed this can be a sign that a foreign object such as a prickle has become lodged. Apply paw balm to soothe the area after removal of the prickle. If the paws are cracked, scaly and dry it may be a sign of wear from harsh terrain or even indicate Canine Hyperkeratosis which occurs when your pup's body produces too much keratin. Application of a paw balm can help to soothe and moisturise the troubled areas.

Another method to reduce the likelihood of your dog suffering cracked and dry paws is to wash your dog’s paws in warm water and towel dry immediately after a walk. Adopting this approach is particularly effective when combined with the use of an all- natural organic paw balm.

Dog paw balm is made from all natural ingredients
Dog paw balm is made from all natural ingredients

We all know how hot a bitumen road can get under bare feet, so if you are out walking on a hot day take the time to touch the road with your hand. If the heat causes any discomfort for you, it is going to be too hot for your pup's precious paws to withstand for any length of time. In the case of mild discomfort, paw balm can help to soothe the damaged area of the paw and provide a protective layer from any excessive licking. In the event of a serious burn always seek veterinary care.

Ultimately the best approach to looking after your dog's paws is to take the time to check each paw frequently and thoroughly. Don’t just rely on being able to notice any irregularities with your dog's behaviour.

Always seek veterinary advice and care if you are concerned or irritation continues.

Benefits of Paw Balm's for Dogs

Dog paw balms provide protection against extreme temperatures

Paw balm can be used as a preventative measure, as well as a treatment in response to uncomfortably hot or cold weather.

Cold weather can dry out your pup's paws which may lead to cracking of the outer layers of skin in severe cases. At the other end of the spectrum, you have heat. Something we all live with here in Australia. Heat is equally detrimental to paws, if exposure to hot terrain occurs.

Paw balms are very useful in both situations as the balm itself forms a semi-permeable shield on the outer layer of the paw, providing added protection against anything the paw makes contact with.

Dog paw balms protect against wear and tear

Imagine walking around barefoot all day. Most of us would have severely cracked feet. While a dogs' paws can withstand daily activity on various surfaces, the extra protection offered from a balm is an excellent preventative measure. A balm will help keep your dog's paws in optimum condition if you and your dog live an active outdoor lifestyle.

Dog paw balms condition and hydrate 

An organic, all-natural balm soothes paws and also other problem areas, such as cracked/rough elbow skin and a dry little nose. Balms are great at hydrating and moisturising dog skin due to ingredients such as: shea butter, hemp seed oil and beeswax, all of which are non-toxic for dogs.

Dog paw balms soothe irritation and support healing 

Balms are effective for topical use on areas of irritation and discomfort, moisturising and soothing dry, irritated areas. Packed with natural goodness and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, the use of an all-natural organic paw balm can help to speed recovery and prevent infection.

How to use paw balm

Using paw balm is very easy and something every dog owner can work into their regular care routine. To use, simply apply as needed with love to exposed patches in need of attention, particularly paws and elbows that are in contact with hard surfaces.

When deciding which dog paw balm is best for your dog, always look for an all-natural, organic product that is non-toxic to dogs.

Paw balm heals and soothes damaged dog skin cracked skin

The Hound Lab - Natural Dog Care

If you think your dog would benefit from the addition of an Organic Paw, Nose & Elbow Balm in your daily care routine oil please explore our wellbeing range.

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hemp oil for dogs australia, dog shampoo & conditioner, dog shampoo for itchy skin, natural dog shampoo

Organic Paw, Nose & Elbow Balm


A 100% natural organic balm designed to provide instant relief to dry elbows, rough and cracked paw pads, and dry noses.

Made with Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Coconut and Hemp Seed Oil (to nourish and repair).  Infused with essential oils of Lavender (to calm) and Carrot Seed (to soothe).

Recommended for use on any rough, dry, chaffed, cracked patches that need healing and soothing.

Free of harsh artificial ingredients 

Dog paw balm is made from all natural ingredients
Dog paw balm is made from all natural ingredients