Q. How to clean my handmade ceramic dog bowl?
Ceramic bowls are hygienic and finished with a glaze that allows for easy cleaning. Simply wash by hand ofter feeding or place in the dishwasher. 

Q. Is my bowl microwave safe?
Yes, the bowl is microwave safe.

Q. Is my bowl dishwasher safe?
Yes, the bowl is dishwasher safe.

Q. Will my bowl break easily?
The bowls have been purposefully designed to have weight that reduces the amount of pushing around the dog may do while eating. However, ceramic bowls are not unbreakable... If your dog is a messy eater (no judgement), who likes to push, paw and nose their food bowl about perhaps a metal alternative is a better option.

Q. Are ceramic bowls safe for dogs?
Frank Void uses a glaze to finish his bowls that is 100% free from nasties and does not have any traces of lead. All products are certified safe for food use.